Hepsed part 2

I was talking yesterday with my and Jill’s rabbi in Israel; I called to share with him the sad news of Allan’s passing. We began talking about Allan’s life and when I shared with him my trepidation about how possibly to do him justice today, he responded: don’t worry, just know that you are woefully… Continue reading Hepsed part 2


Jewish Educational Learning with Soul

What does it take to make truly transformative Jewish education? Rabbi Marc Baker argues that leadership and education are moral and spiritual endeavors that require constant self-examination and improvement. Reflecting on his work at the Gann Academy, Rabbi Baker discusses how Mussar teachings can be incorporated into the curriculum for both students and teachers in… Continue reading Jewish Educational Learning with Soul

Weekly Message 9-17-10

17 September 2010   9 Tishrei 5771   Shalom Chaverim,   Yesterday morning in my sicha (morning discussion group), we learned and discussed one of the most powerful and well-known piyyutim (poems) of the High Holiday liturgy and one of our more theologically challenging Jewish texts. Not surprisingly, many of the students in my sicha were troubled by… Continue reading Weekly Message 9-17-10

Weekly Message 12-7-12

7 December 2012  23 Kislev 5773   Differentiated Education and Chanukah 5773  Shalom Chaverim,   As part of Gann’s ongoing strategic commitment to improve teaching and learning, yesterday our faculty spent half the day in professional development with a focus on what has become a buzzword in education: “differentiation.” This is essentially a code word for effective… Continue reading Weekly Message 12-7-12

All World Is A Text

Last week, during faculty-staff meeting, our new librarian shared what we call a “mission moment.” She saw a group of kids sitting in the library and overheard them talking about Gann’s dress code. Having worked with high school students before, she expected the group to be complaining about or criticizing the code or the administration… Continue reading All World Is A Text

“Let Wisdom Ring Out In The Streets”

The school year is underway and our students have filled the school – classrooms, dining hall, hallways, sports fields, art studios – with energy, creativity and intellectual discourse. On our first day of classes, I spoke to our students about Gann’s mission in the context of both Jewish tradition and our current social and political… Continue reading “Let Wisdom Ring Out In The Streets”