The Power of Pluralism

One of our school’s several Torah scroll’s needs to be repaired. This Torah is most often used by the school’s traditional egalitarian minyan (one of several different minyanim including Reform, alternative and mechitza). Consistent with the egalitarian minyan’s principles, the members of the minyan want to invite a female soferet (scribe) to fix the Torah.… Continue reading The Power of Pluralism


Under Our Roof

21 October 2016  19 Tishrei 5777    I have recently been reminded why Gann Academy chose to build its culture and community on a foundation of Jewish pluralism, a commitment to diversity and engagement with the “other” that is too rare in the Jewish community and that, while a hallmark of American democracy, seems to… Continue reading Under Our Roof

“The Times They Are A-Changin”

14 October 2016  12 Tishrei 5777    Shalom Chaverim,   After the news broke about Bob Dylan receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday, my inbox and social media were filled with messages. Any Nobel Prize announcement is an historic moment, but when the recipient is Jewish, it is an “important moment in Jewish history”… Continue reading “The Times They Are A-Changin”

Weekly Message 10-31-08

31 October 2008  2 Heshvan 5769  Shalom Chaverim,  Our first full week back in school after the holidays has been intense and the energy high: Our seniors are putting the finishing touches on their early admissions college applications; our sports teams are competing for league championships; and, our entire community is preparing for next week’s… Continue reading Weekly Message 10-31-08

Weekly Message 5-28-10

28 May 2010  15 Sivan 5770   Shalom Chaverim,  I thought I fully understood why the havdalah candle (the three-stranded, three-wicked candle used in the ceremony marking the end of Shabbat) is such a perfect symbol for Gann Academy. The multiple interwoven strands of the candle beautifully represent the diversity of our pluralistic community and the… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-28-10

Weekly Message 1-28-11

28 January 2011    23 Shevat 5771    Shalom Chaverim,  This week’s Limud Clali (community learning) was a classic Gann Academy moment, the kind of learning experience upon which the school was founded and one that highlighted our Jewish educational mission and vision. Earlier this year we learned that the Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll), used by our… Continue reading Weekly Message 1-28-11