Hepsed part 2

I was talking yesterday with my and Jill’s rabbi in Israel; I called to share with him the sad news of Allan’s passing. We began talking about Allan’s life and when I shared with him my trepidation about how possibly to do him justice today, he responded: don’t worry, just know that you are woefully… Continue reading Hepsed part 2


Hesped (Eulogy) for my father, Stephen A. Baker, z”l

June 6, 2014/8 Sivan 5774     Soon after the sun rose on the morning of Shavuot, the Jewish holiday commemorating the giving and receiving of the Torah, my beloved father’s soul peacefully departed this world. Just as the Jewish People gathered around Mount Sinai, stepping forward as we have for thousands of years to re-experience… Continue reading Hesped (Eulogy) for my father, Stephen A. Baker, z”l

Shavuot 5775—Living Covenantally

22 May 2015  4 Sivan 5775   Shalom Chaverim,   As we approach the holiday of Shavuot, I am approaching the first yahrzeit for my father, Stephen Baker, z”l, who passed away one year ago on Shavuot morning. I want to take this opportunity to thank this extraordinary Gann Academy community for all of your love… Continue reading Shavuot 5775—Living Covenantally