Hepsed part 2

I was talking yesterday with my and Jill’s rabbi in Israel; I called to share with him the sad news of Allan’s passing. We began talking about Allan’s life and when I shared with him my trepidation about how possibly to do him justice today, he responded: don’t worry, just know that you are woefully… Continue reading Hepsed part 2


Weekly Message 5-16-08

May 16, 2008  11 Iyar 5768    Shalom Chaverim,   All week I look forward to Friday night, in particular to Shabbat dinner with my family. With three small children, we rarely go out and we usually reserve this precious time for our immediate family to be together. Over a year ago, in order to involve… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-16-08

Weekly Message 2-13-09

13 February 2009  19 Shevat 5769  Shalom Chaverim,  From whom and from where do we and our children learn about character, values and spirituality? Sometimes, we learn from concrete articulations of values in the form of rules, such as a handbook, a constitution, or, in this week’s Torah portion, Aseret HaDibrot (The Ten Commandments/Ten Utterances… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-13-09

Weekly Message 5-13-11

13 May 2011  9 Iyar 5771   Shalom Chaverim,  Yesterday we welcomed approximately 120 grandparents and other friends and relatives to Gann for our annual Grandparents and Significant Friends Day, one of my favorite days of the year. I always have a sense of wholeness and completion when I see the mutual respect and admiration between… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-13-11

Weekly Message 12-10-10

10 December 2010 3 Tevet 5771 Shalom Chaverim, This week at Gann spoke volumes to our school-parent partnership. On Tuesday night we held our second annual Chanukah celebration in partnership with the Gann Parent Association (GPA). The celebration included students, parents, and entire families, as well as faculty and staff and their families. It is… Continue reading Weekly Message 12-10-10

Weekly Message 11-12-10

12 November 2010    5 Kislev 5771   Shalom Chaverim,  Over the past two Shabbatot, my family and I had the pleasure of spending a great deal of time with Gann students. Two weeks ago we hosted a seudah shlishit (the third meal of Shabbat) at our home for our stateside juniors, and we spent last Shabbat… Continue reading Weekly Message 11-12-10

Weekly Message 5-18-12

18 May 2012   26 Iyar 5772   Shalom Chaverim,   What an intense and uplifting week it has been at Gann!   On Wednesday approximately 130 guests visited our school for the annual Grandparents and Friends Day. As always, it was a morning overflowing with nachas as our students welcomed their grandparents or special friends into their tefillot,… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-18-12

Everyday Wonder

13 December 2013  10 Tevet 5774  Shalom Chaverim,   Last night in a packed house in our Bernice Krupp Black Box Theater, I was once again inspired by the talent, passion, depth, and sophistication of our students. Our Drama Club’s fall production was Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, and I want to thank both our extraordinary director… Continue reading Everyday Wonder

“The Stories That Bind Us”*

23 January 2015  3 Shevat 5775    Shalom Chaverim,   In his State of the Union Address this week, President Obama told the story of Rebekah and Ben Ehrler of Minneapolis. One quote from a letter that Rebekah wrote to him became a theme of the address. “It is amazing,” Rebekah wrote, “what you can bounce… Continue reading “The Stories That Bind Us”*