The Power of Pluralism

One of our school’s several Torah scroll’s needs to be repaired. This Torah is most often used by the school’s traditional egalitarian minyan (one of several different minyanim including Reform, alternative and mechitza). Consistent with the egalitarian minyan’s principles, the members of the minyan want to invite a female soferet (scribe) to fix the Torah.… Continue reading The Power of Pluralism



Rigorous classes, holiday celebrations, sports, arts, boyfriends, breakups, SATs, bus rides, trips, shabbatonim, tefillah, Talmud Torah, Hebrew, English, Chinese, Israel, America... We believe that there is a growing need to ground our work in theory and to develop a shared language about what it means to bring the best of the Jewish camp experience to… Continue reading DEEPENING THE CONVERSATION ABOUT WHAT SCHOOLS CAN LEARN FROM CAMPS

Jewish Educational Learning with Soul

What does it take to make truly transformative Jewish education? Rabbi Marc Baker argues that leadership and education are moral and spiritual endeavors that require constant self-examination and improvement. Reflecting on his work at the Gann Academy, Rabbi Baker discusses how Mussar teachings can be incorporated into the curriculum for both students and teachers in… Continue reading Jewish Educational Learning with Soul

How We Tell Our Stories

16 December 2016  16 Kislev 5777    Shalom Chaverim,   Last night I was mesmerized once again by a Gann student theatrical production, this time of the George Bernard Shaw classic, St. Joan. Our students’ depth, sophistication, talent, and tremendous hard work were on display in our Bernice Krupp Black Box Theater in a show that… Continue reading How We Tell Our Stories

Researchers and Soul Searchers

9 December 2016  9 Kislev 5777    This week I observed an exquisite example of what the educational world calls “project-based learning,” driven by a task with real-world consequences.   Around the corner from Gann (or just through the woods, if you take a short-cut) is the site of The Fernald School. Before it was closed… Continue reading Researchers and Soul Searchers

Two Minutes Matter—A Yom Kippur Reflection

7 October 2016 5 Tishrei 5777    Shalom Chaverim,   In the spirit of Yom Kippur and this season of teshuva—reflection, introspection, and repentance—I want to share one way that I recently missed the mark (probably the best translation for the Hebrew word for “sin”) as Head of School and what I learned from it.   Last… Continue reading Two Minutes Matter—A Yom Kippur Reflection

All The World’s A Text

16 September 2016  13 Elul 5776   Shalom Chaverim,   In just these first two weeks of school, I have observed many examples of teaching and learning, sports, arts, student leadership, and Jewish life that remind me why Gann is such an extraordinary community and example of what a high school should do.   During our faculty-staff… Continue reading All The World’s A Text

Weekly Message 5-16-08

May 16, 2008  11 Iyar 5768    Shalom Chaverim,   All week I look forward to Friday night, in particular to Shabbat dinner with my family. With three small children, we rarely go out and we usually reserve this precious time for our immediate family to be together. Over a year ago, in order to involve… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-16-08

Weekly Message 5-2-08

May 2, 2008  27 Nissan 5768     Shalom Chaverim,  The first week back from Passover break is always intense, with palpable excitement and energy in the air. Spring is truly here (despite bursts of cold weather) and its light literally fills our building and lifts up our souls. With improved weather, spring sports are fully… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-2-08

Weekly Message 4-17-08

April 17, 2008  12 Nissan, 5768    Shalom Chaverim,  This week, I had the pleasure of attending the Facing History and Ourselves dinner, which brought thirteen hundred people together to celebrate Facing History, an inspiring educational organization that is making a significant impact on teachers and schools in Boston, throughout the country and around the… Continue reading Weekly Message 4-17-08