Educational Philosophy

Introduction  Twice in my life I was given the gift of walking through an open door into a new world. The first was a world two hundred years old, that no member of my family had ever known before. The second was a world three thousand years old, a world that nearly every generation of… Continue reading Educational Philosophy


Researchers and Soul Searchers

9 December 2016  9 Kislev 5777    This week I observed an exquisite example of what the educational world calls “project-based learning,” driven by a task with real-world consequences.   Around the corner from Gann (or just through the woods, if you take a short-cut) is the site of The Fernald School. Before it was closed… Continue reading Researchers and Soul Searchers

All The World’s A Text

16 September 2016  13 Elul 5776   Shalom Chaverim,   In just these first two weeks of school, I have observed many examples of teaching and learning, sports, arts, student leadership, and Jewish life that remind me why Gann is such an extraordinary community and example of what a high school should do.   During our faculty-staff… Continue reading All The World’s A Text

Weekly Message 5-9-08

May 9, 2008  4 Iyar 5768    After celebrating Rosh Chodesh (the New Month of) Iyar on Monday and Tuesday, the rest of our week focused on our community’s identification with the State of Israel and all who live there. Together with our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world, we commemorated Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-9-08

Weekly Message 5-2-08

May 2, 2008  27 Nissan 5768     Shalom Chaverim,  The first week back from Passover break is always intense, with palpable excitement and energy in the air. Spring is truly here (despite bursts of cold weather) and its light literally fills our building and lifts up our souls. With improved weather, spring sports are fully… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-2-08

Weekly Messages 4-11-08

April 11, 2008  6 Nissan, 5768    Shalom Chaverim,  This week I was reminded how special Gann Academy is, how blessed we are to be part of the Boston Jewish community, and how exciting a time it is for the field of Jewish day school education. From Sunday through Tuesday, PEJE (The Partnership for Excellence… Continue reading Weekly Messages 4-11-08

Weekly Message 3-28-08

28 March 2008  21 Adar 2, 5768    Shalom Chaverim,  In this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Shemini, the mishkan (tabernacle) has been completed and the altar has been consecrated, and Aaron and his sons are commanded to bring the first set of sacrifices, which will atone for them and for their entire community. This is… Continue reading Weekly Message 3-28-08

Weekly Message 2-1-08

1 February 2008  25 Shevat 5768  Shalom Chaverim,  Early this morning I read a headline in the New York Times that intrigued and somewhat disturbed me. The article, “Online Schooling Grows, Setting Off a Debate,” describes the growing phenomenon of students – beginning in elementary school – who are not only taking classes on line,… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-1-08

Weekly 1-25-08

25 January 2008  18 Shevat 5768    Shalom Chaverim,  At the beginning of this week, while our community commemorated the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. and celebrated the holiday of Tu B’Shevat, I was in Houston, TX, representing Gann Academy at the Ravsak (Network of Jewish Community Schools) Annual Leadership Conference. The conference brings… Continue reading Weekly 1-25-08

Weekly Message 1-18-08

18 January 2008 11 Shevat 5768  Shalom Chaverim,  Yesterday I ate lunch with five students who requested to meet with me about their desire to start – actually, to restart – a minyan (morning prayer group) that no longer meets this year. As we discussed their vision for this minyan, they were receptive to my… Continue reading Weekly Message 1-18-08