Our vision of the role that competitive athletics can play in the lives of high school students is a deeply personal one. We—the head of school and athletic director of Gann Academy in Waltham, Massachusetts—have been playing competitive sports since we were children, and we were blessed with opportunities to compete at both the high… Continue reading SPORTS LE-SHEM SHAMAYIM: THE SACRED MISSION OF HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS


All The World’s A Text

16 September 2016  13 Elul 5776   Shalom Chaverim,   In just these first two weeks of school, I have observed many examples of teaching and learning, sports, arts, student leadership, and Jewish life that remind me why Gann is such an extraordinary community and example of what a high school should do.   During our faculty-staff… Continue reading All The World’s A Text

Weekly Message 5-30-08

May 30, 2008  25 Iyar 5768    Shalom Chaverim,  As we rush to the finish line of the school year, you can feel the energy in the air at Gann. It is a perfect mixture of anticipation of finishing the year (and of summer vacation, of course!), stress around how much work we all have… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-30-08

Weekly Message 5-2-08

May 2, 2008  27 Nissan 5768     Shalom Chaverim,  The first week back from Passover break is always intense, with palpable excitement and energy in the air. Spring is truly here (despite bursts of cold weather) and its light literally fills our building and lifts up our souls. With improved weather, spring sports are fully… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-2-08

Weekly Message 2-8-08

8 February 2008  2 Adar I 5768  Shalom Chaverim,  For those of us who are loyal members of our tribe (the Boston/New England sports fan tribe, that is), this week started off roughly. I keep coming back, however, to an idea that I have been contemplating for years now - the spirituality of losing.   During… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-8-08

Weekly Message 11-2-07

11 2 07    Shalom Chaverim.     What a week of sports this has been! Yesterday, both our boys' and girls' varsity soccer teams won league championships when they defeated The Waring School in penalty kicks at the end of the game. It was truly a great day for the Gann athletic program and… Continue reading Weekly Message 11-2-07

Weekly Message 6-5-09

5 June 2009  13 Sivan 5769  Shalom Chaverim,  This week’s Torah Portion, Parshat Naso, describes the census of the Levites and the work of the Levite families in the construction of the Mishkan (Tabernacle). During the final stages of construction, Moshe gives carts and oxen to two of the Levite families to carry materials for… Continue reading Weekly Message 6-5-09

Weekly Message 5-22-09

22 May 2009  28 Iyar 5769 – Yom Yerushalayim  Shalom Chaverim,  Our students have shone this week. Both our Boys’ Varsity Baseball Team and our Boys’ Varsity Tennis Teams won their League Championships. Last night, overflowing classrooms of parents, students and alumni were moved and entertained by Playhem, our annual spring theater production of four… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-22-09

Weekly Message 2-26-10

26 February 2010  13 Adar 5770     Shalom Chaverim,   Our first week back from February break has been an intense and exciting one, with activities including final games of the winter sports season, end of the trimester arts presentations, Wednesday’s Facing History and Ourselves Limud Clali program about public religious identification in France, and today’s… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-26-10

Weekly Message 6-3-11

3 June 2011   Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5771   Shalom Chaverim,  On Wednesday night at our annual sports banquet we celebrated the accomplishments and growth of our student athletes with reflections from our Athletic Director, words of tribute from our coaches, and two wonderful slide shows. One of the things that struck me most this year was… Continue reading Weekly Message 6-3-11