The vastly expanding demands put upon school leaders provides schools with an opportunity to create their own form of distributed leadership. Baker explains what leadership teams are, why they offer many benefits, and how a team can be most effective. In the face of a changing world and increasingly complex challenges, the most important thing… Continue reading IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE “LONELY AT THE TOP”: DEVELOPING HIGH FUNCTIONING LEADERSHIP TEAMS


Weekly Messages 4-11-08

April 11, 2008  6 Nissan, 5768    Shalom Chaverim,  This week I was reminded how special Gann Academy is, how blessed we are to be part of the Boston Jewish community, and how exciting a time it is for the field of Jewish day school education. From Sunday through Tuesday, PEJE (The Partnership for Excellence… Continue reading Weekly Messages 4-11-08

Weekly Message 2-20-09

20 February 2009  26 Shevat 5769  Shalom Chaverim,  One of my many humbling learning experiences as a first year teacher occurred during a conference with my mentor, Barbara, after she observed one of my classes. I was fresh out of Yeshiva, passionate about learning and teaching Torah, and convinced that my excitement and my energy,… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-20-09

Weekly Message 2-15-10

12 February 2010    28 Shevat 5770  Once again, my student has become my teacher. Earlier this year, I received a beautiful email from an alumna of Gann, who reflected on her Gann experience in light of her first year of college. She wrote:  “. . . (only) after making new friends in college, (have) I… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-15-10

Weekly Message 10-2-09

2 October 2009   14 Elul 5769  Shalom Chaverim,  At Wednesday’s Back-to-School Night, we opened the doors of our classrooms and of our learning community, giving parents a window into their children’s world – into what they are learning, how they are learning, and, perhaps, most importantly, from whom they are learning this year. To begin… Continue reading Weekly Message 10-2-09

Weekly Message 5-27-11

27 May 2011 23 Iyar 5771  Shalom Chaverim,  This week at our Annual Meeting we celebrated another successful school year and paid tribute to our outgoing Associate Head of School, Dr. Susie Tanchel, for her 14 years of service. As part of that tribute, I was honored to share some thoughts about education, Torah, Susie,… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-27-11

Weekly Message 5-13-11

13 May 2011  9 Iyar 5771   Shalom Chaverim,  Yesterday we welcomed approximately 120 grandparents and other friends and relatives to Gann for our annual Grandparents and Significant Friends Day, one of my favorite days of the year. I always have a sense of wholeness and completion when I see the mutual respect and admiration between… Continue reading Weekly Message 5-13-11

Weekly Message 3-18-11

18 March 2011  12 Adar 2, 5771   Shalom Chaverim,  On Wednesday evening hundreds of people attended Gann’s screening of Race to Nowhere, the expose on the pressures that school, testing, and the college application process create for our children, which I described in last week’s email. Unfortunately, because of a flight delay, I was unable… Continue reading Weekly Message 3-18-11

Weekly Message 2-18-11

18 February 2011   14 Adar 1, 5771   Shalom Chaverim,  Many parents worry about their children’s academic performance, often for good reasons. I spoke recently with a father who was concerned that his child was not working as hard as he should, not taking full advantage of opportunities for support from teachers and others, and simply… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-18-11

Weekly Message 2-11-11

11 February 2011 7 Adar 1 5771   Shalom Chaverim,  This week I attended the North American Jewish Day School Conference on the West Coast, where over 600 educators, Jewish communal professionals, and lay leaders gathered to explore big issues and opportunities in Jewish education, including Israel education, cutting edge educational technology, special needs, and improvement… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-11-11