The vastly expanding demands put upon school leaders provides schools with an opportunity to create their own form of distributed leadership. Baker explains what leadership teams are, why they offer many benefits, and how a team can be most effective. In the face of a changing world and increasingly complex challenges, the most important thing… Continue reading IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE “LONELY AT THE TOP”: DEVELOPING HIGH FUNCTIONING LEADERSHIP TEAMS


Weekly Message 2-8-08

8 February 2008  2 Adar I 5768  Shalom Chaverim,  For those of us who are loyal members of our tribe (the Boston/New England sports fan tribe, that is), this week started off roughly. I keep coming back, however, to an idea that I have been contemplating for years now - the spirituality of losing.   During… Continue reading Weekly Message 2-8-08

Weekly Message 1-27-12

27 January 2012   3 Shevat 5772   Walking through the school one afternoon this week, I observed a small moment during a girls’ basketball practice that had great meaning to me. It was toward the end of the practice with one girl on the foul line shooting, others lining the key to rebound, and one girl… Continue reading Weekly Message 1-27-12

The Power of We

6 February 2015 17 Shevat 5775   Shalom Chaverim, Early this week I received an email from a friend, someone I consider a chavruta (learning partner), about leadership and life. He was reflecting on the Patriots Super Bowl victory and, more broadly, on the extraordinary nature of team. “If you listen to what everyone is… Continue reading The Power of We

We Win as a Team, We Lose as a Team

29 January 2016 19 Shevat 5776 Shalom Chaverim, One of my earliest passions in life was competitive sports. From a young age, I played many sports, but since I was not blessed with great athletic talent, it became clear to me that the length of my “career” in most of them (soccer, basketball, baseball) would… Continue reading We Win as a Team, We Lose as a Team